Education at NASCI

NASCI is committed to its mission:

  • To encourage the development and dissemination of knowledge regarding Cardiovascular Imaging
  • To contribute to the active continuing education of its membership and the Medical Community
  • To promote the study, research and clinical practice of Cardiovascular Imaging

To this end, NASCI offeres a variety of educational resources:

NASCI You Tube Channel

A Great Opportunity to See Valuable Educational Material. Including Sessions
from Our Annual Meetings  



Live Meetings

2015 Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA
2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA
2013 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA
2012 Annual Meeting in Pasadena, CA


Online Cardiovascular Imaging Curriculum 

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Case in Point 

Peer-Reviewed Case Submissions
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Meetings-by-Mail DVDs

Online Journal Club