2018 Winter Newsletter

U. Joseph Schoepf, MD 
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

 NASCI Members,

Laissez les bon temps revenir

It was good to be President, your president. Serving NASCI, our society, has been a daunting, yet limitlessly rewarding task. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity and even more grateful that apparently, I didn’t mess it up. Thanks to the unrelenting dedication and sacrifice of my Executive Board and our many committee officers, committee members, and volunteers we are able to look back upon and celebrate a successful presidency. And to work we went:

First and foremost, NASCI is in better financial shape than we have been in many years. We hope to continue on this trajectory through fiscal responsibility, volunteerism, and further consolidation and expansion of our base of members, supporters and, benefactors. Besides record levels of support from our partners in industry related to our annual conference, charitable donations to the society are on the rise and are an increasingly important mechanism to aid our various missions. Thus, if you can, please give generously.

A first tangible result of your generosity was the launch of our NASCI Rising Star Program this year, which supports the early career development of promising cardiovascular imagers via a two-year mentorship through a senior NASCI leader, annual conference travel support, and other training opportunities. The response to our first call for applications this year was phenomenal and it was challenging to select our first class of two Rising Stars among the many worthy trainees who had sent in their materials.

The committee structure was overhauled, enhanced, and adapted to leave our society stronger to face future challenges. Traditional committees were strengthened and given a more focused charge. New committees were introduced to bolster our base, among them an Advocacy and Credentialing Committee, a Long Range Planning Committee, and the NASCIent Committee to serve as a forum for our in-training members. Our International Committee was further strengthened and has been working hard to consolidate our global outreach and partnership with our sister societies in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Senior leaders represented NASCI at our partners’ annual conferences and our 2017 training workshop jointly with the Radiological Society of South Africa in Johannesburg was a resounding success. We continue to depend on your dedication to our society, so please volunteer for any of our committees that appeal to you.

For years, the relationship with our official journal, the International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, had been loose and rather ill-defined. Along with a strengthening of our Publications and Trials Committee, the connection with our journal has now been restored after the contracts with the publisher were successfully renegotiated. Although the next stop in my own journey is the Editorship of the Journal of Thoracic Imaging, I look forward to a fruitful collaboration between NASCI and our official publishing outlet.

Commensurate with the standing of our society, we introduced a named lecture to be delivered during the opening ceremony of our annual conference. With the late Sven Paulin, MD, PhD, NASCI past-president and former Radiologist-in-Chief at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, we found the perfect namesake for the Keynote Lecture. Three of Dr. Paulin’s children attended our annual conference and experienced the celebration of their father’s memory through our first Paulin Lecturer, Dr. Julio Palmaz. As the inventor of the balloon-expandable stent, Dr. Palmaz is certainly one of the most influential innovators and pathfinders in modern medicine and we were supremely honored by his presence.

Our 2017 annual meeting in San Antonio, TX, was a phenomenal success both by everyone’s perception and in actual metrics. The excitement on the meeting floors was palpable, the quality of the program was exceptional, and our social gatherings were joyful and uplifting. For the first time we put on the glitz and organized a gala dinner, which took place in the historic, reflective setting of the San Antonio Alamo and provided the perfect frame for honoring our 2017 NASCI Gold Medalist, Dr. Bob Steiner. 

Charles White, MD, FNASCI

University of Maryland Medical Center
Baltimore, MD

Heartfelt greetings!
As the new President of NASCI, I am delighted to be able to take on this exciting role. I know many of you were able to attend our recently completed 45 the annual meeting in San Antonio, presided over most ably by our now past-President Joe Schoepf.  The program featured outstanding speakers and scientific abstracts and was capped by a rousing gala at one of the most iconic locations in America, the Alamo. The meeting put an exclamation point on the remarkable recovery of NASCI from its recent challenged position to its current status as a thriving cardiovascular society.

With that said, it is important that we avoid resting on our laurels and that we continue our ambitious move forward for the coming year. A primary goal is to build on our existing membership.  With the depth and quality of the science and education offered by NASCI, we will be reaching out to attract all academic and community physicians who have a significant practice in cross-sectional cardiovascular radiology.  Second, a critical component of our recent success has been our ability to successfully partner with members of industry.  Moving forward, we must redouble our efforts to strengthen these relationships and to use them for mutual benefit. A critical additional goal is to improve the quality of the website, leveraging the latest technologies such that it will appropriately represent the fine work we all do. Finally, we must continue to enhance the scientific and educational offerings of the society throughout the year.  These can be fostered by first-rate publications of scientific papers and pictorial reviews by society members as well as initiation and participation in guideline statements.

The outpouring of support for NASCI has been nothing short of incredible.  As we near our 50 the anniversary, I greatly anticipate working in concert with all of you to further the status and visibility of NASCI. I look forward to seeing you during the year and in particular at our next NASCI meeting in Charleston, South Carolina in September 2018.


With warmest regards,

Charles White MD

President, North American Society of Cardiovascular Imaging


McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University
Resident, Diagnostic Radiology, Physician Scientist Training Program, Research Tract

It is a tremendous honor to be awarded the 2017 NASCI Rising Star Fellowship. I am a current chief resident in the final year of my radiology residency at Northwestern University, and will be pursuing fellowship training in Cardiothoracic Imaging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. My interests in fluid mechanics and computer science have continually evolved since my time as an undergraduate in mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and these interests ultimately led me to pursue a career in cardiovascular imaging. I have been very fortunate to have outstanding clinical and research mentors in cardiovascular imaging at Northwestern, and this recognition is a direct reflection of their support. My research and clinical interests include medical imaging, cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment, lung cancer, fluid mechanics, and computer science. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with and learn from the NASCI leadership as I continue building my career in cardiovascular imaging.

Medical University of South Carolina

Assistant Professor, Director of Cardiovascular MRI Research

Dr. Varga-Szemes is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Varga-Szemes, a native of Hungary, received his MD in 2007 and his PhD in cardiovascular MRI in 2013. Dr. Varga-Szemes is the Director of Cardiovascular MRI Research in the Department of Radiology at MUSC and also holds an Adjunct Assistant Professor position with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Varga-Szemes has authored 80+ peer-reviewed publications and 150+ scientific abstracts. He has received multiple societal awards, including the SCMR Regional Fellowship Award, the ISMRM Magna Cum Laude Award, and the NASCI AHA Young Investigator Award. Dr. Varga-Szemes is a member of multiple major radiology societies including RSNA, NASCI, ISMRM, and SCMR. He is a reviewer for 15 scientific journals, an Associate Editor for JMRI, and Deputy Editor for European Radiology Experimental. Dr. Varga-Szemes has served as a PI on NIH grant awards. His primary research interests include myocardial tissue characterization and the development of unenhanced MR angiography techniques.

AHA Winners:
Rest and stress T1-mapping and T1 reactivity in patients with and without coronary artery disease
Marly van Assen, MD
The University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen / Medical University of South Carolina

Coronary CT Angiography-Derived Fractional Flow Reserve Based on Machine Learning for Risk-Stratification of Non-Culprit Lesions in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome 
Taylor Duguay, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

Dual-Energy CT Angiography of Lower Extremity Runoff:  Impact of a prototype Advanced Calcium Subtraction Algorithm on Diagnostic Accuracy
Domenico Mastrodicasa, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

Poster  Winners:

Tube Voltage Adapted Contrast Media Injection Protocols for Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography:  Impact on Radiation and Contrast Dose
Philipp von Knebel Doeberitz, MD
Medical University of South Carolina

Cardiovascular MRI in Thoracic Aortopathy - A Focused Review of Recent Literature Update
Bradley David Allen, MD
Northwestern University

Utility of T1 mapping in Identifying Lipomatous Metaplasia in Ischemic and Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathies
Krishna Kapoor
The University of Texas at Austin

Multimodality Imaging of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH): pearls, pitfalls, and mimics
Courtney Chen
University of California San Diego Medical Center


Dr. Robert Steiner is a diagnostic radiologist with a special interest in cardiac and pulmonary diseases. He is a Clinical Professor of Radiology and Pulmonary Medicine at Temple University and has been on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University, and the Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Steiner has had extensive experience in both academic and private practice of diagnostic radiology including the role of radioisotope studies, angiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography (CT) for the identification and diagnosis of a variety of diseases. He is a Fellow of the American College of Radiology, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the American College of Cardiology, and he is the author or co-author of over 150 scientific publications and 5 medical textbooks. During his career he has instructed hundreds of medical students, residents, and practicing physicians. Dr. Steiner has been recognized as a Top Doctor in Radiology by Castle and Connolly from 2010 to 2015.



2017 New Fellows

Karin Dill, MD
, is an Associate Professor and Division Chief for Cardio-Thoracic Imaging in the Department of Radiology at UMass Medical School. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Chest and is also a member of the CAD-RADS Writing Group for the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.

Mark A. Fogel, MD, FACC, FAHA, FAAP, is a Professor of Pediatrics and Radiology and the director of Cardiac MRI at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He has several editorial responsibilities and serves as Associate Editor for Congenital Heart Disease, Associate Editor for Current Cardiology Reviews as well as Assistant Editor and Pediatric Editor for the Journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance.


Diana Litmanovich, MD, is an Associate Professor and Director of Cardiac CT Imaging in the Department of Radiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). She also serves as the Director of Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship Program at BIDMC and Director of the Radiology in Medicine course for medical students at Harvard Medical School.  She is a member of Editorial Board and Associate Editor of the Journal of Thoracic Imaging. She is the treasurer of NASCI for 2018.


Carole Dennie, MD, FSCCT is a Professor and Head of Cardiac and Thoracic Imaging in the Department of Radiology at the University of Ottawa, Canada.  She serves as the co-director of Cardiac Radiology and MRI at the Ottawa Heart Institute, director of Continuing Medical Education in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and the Chair of the Diagnostic Radiology Examination Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. She is the Program Chair for the 2018 NASCI meeting. 


2017 - 2018 Leadership

Charles White, MD, FNASCI

University of Maryland Medical Center
Baltimore, MD


President - Elect
Karen G Ordovas, MD, MS, FNASCI

University of California - San Francisco, CA 



Vice President
Jacobo Kirsch, MD, FNASCI

Cleveland Clinic Florida
Westin, FL

Diana Litmanovich, MD, FNASCI

Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA


Greg Kicska, MD, Ph.D., FNASCI

University of Washington
Seattle, WA




Immediate Past President

U. Joseph Schoepf, MD, FNASCI

Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

The Prepared Minds Logo 

For the last decade, The Prepared Minds section of the website has been selecting what its Editorial Board suggests as must-read articles in the specialty. The Board is made up of imagers from backgrounds in both Cardiology and Radiology from several countries, which allows for a very broad source of references to recommend. 

Here are some recent interesting publications especially selected for you. As always, you are invited to participate in our online conversation. Post a comment or ask a question!


CMR-Derived Extracellular Volume Fraction as a Marker for Myocardial Fibrosis: The Importance of Coexisting Myocardial Inflammation

Lurz JA, Luecke C, Lang D, Besler C, Rommel KP, Klingel K, Kandolf R, Adams V, Schöne K, Hindricks G, Schuler G, Linke A, Thiele H, Gutberlet M, Lurz P.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging.


Utility of Dual-Energy CT-based Monochromatic Imaging in the Assessment of Myocardial Delayed Enhancement in Patients with Cardiomyopathy

Chang S, Han K, Youn JC, Im DJ, Kim JY, Suh YJ, Hong YJ, Hur J, Kim YJ, Choi BW, Lee HJ


Native T1 Mapping and Extracellular Volume Mapping for the Assessment of Diffuse Myocardial Fibrosis in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Nakamori S, Dohi K, Ishida M, Goto Y, Imanaka-Yoshida K, Omori T, Goto I, Kumagai N, Fujimoto N, Ichikawa Y, Kitagawa K, Yamada N, Sakuma H, Ito M.

JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 

Technical Feasibility of a Combined Noncontrast Magnetic Resonance Protocol for Preoperative Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Evaluation

Cannaò PM, Muscogiuri G, Schoepf UJ, De Cecco CN, Suranyi P, Lesslie VW, Piccini D, Giri S7, Varga-Szemes A.

J Thorac Imaging.


Diagnostic performance of semi-quantitative and quantitative stress CMR perfusion analysis: a meta-analysis

J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 


Role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the management of patients with stable coronary artery disease



Fractional Flow Reserve Estimated at Coronary CT Angiography in Intermediate Lesions: Comparison of Diagnostic Accuracy of Different Methods to Determine Coronary Flow Distribution

Kishi S, Giannopoulos AA, Tang A, Kato N, Chatzizisis YS, Dennie C, Horiuchi Y, Tanabe K, Lima JAC, Rybicki FJ, Mitsouras D.



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Best wishes,

Matthew Cham, MD
NASCI Membership Chair

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December, 2017 Case

New Case in Point iBook Available for Download! 

NASCI’s Case in Point is a bi-monthly web site posting of interesting cases submitted by clinicians from all over the world. Submitted cases are peer-reviewed by the Case in Point editors and thus may be listed as peer-reviewed web publications on the CVs of case submitters. Additionally, selected cases posted on the NASCI website are recommended for publication in the International Journal for Cardiovascular Imaging. If you have a didactic cardiac imaging case that highlights relevant teaching points - submit your case today! ARCHIVES

Great Cardiac Teaching Files. From the Archives of NASCI.org


  David A. Bluemke, MD, PhD, Named Editor of Radiology

Following an extensive search to find a new editor for the premier research journal in radiology, the Board of Directors of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is pleased to announce that David A. Bluemke, MD, PhD, MsB, FAHA, FACR, will become editor of the journal Radiology in January 2018. He succeeds Herbert Y. Kressel, MD, who has served the journal since 2007 as an innovator and visionary. Dr Kressel
will retire as an editor at the end of 2017.

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