2018 - 2019 Committees

Advocacy and Credentialing

Advocacy & Credentialing Committee – This committee is responsible for overseeing and developing advocacy strategies in support of cardiovascular imaging, code development, and collaborates with related societies for joint advocacy efforts. Committee also consulting on questions of reimbursement and liaising with ACR advocacy group, and acts as a resource for the members, advising and guiding cardiovascular imaging credentialing pathways available to them. 

Committee Chair: Eric Williamson, Mayo Clinic


ByLaws Committee – This consists of consisting of a chair, the Secretary, and at least two additional members. It oversees modifications to the governing documents of the society to ensure contemporary, relevant governance, policies and procedures. The committee is convened as required since changes to the documents are not made every year. When changes are being considered, the committee meets frequently from May to August. 

Committee Chair: Karen Ordovas, UC - San Francisco


Communication Committee –  This committee consisting of a chair, the Secretary, and at least three additional members. This committee shall oversee the Society’s website, newsletter and any other societal communications. 

Committee Chair: Prachi Agarwal, University of Michigan

Corporate Development

Development Committee – This committee consisting of a chair, the Treasurer, and at least two additional members. The committee shall plan and oversee the solicitation of financial support and contributions for the Society and for the annual meeting. It meets by phone monthly between March and August. 

Committee Chair: Harold Litt, Univ of Pennsylvania


Education Committee – Consists of a chair and at least six additional members. This committee is responsible for the overall education program for the society including general oversight, planning and supporting efforts to address the learning needs of the membership, reviewing and adjusting programming based upon learner and program evaluations. The committee meets in person at the Annual Meeting and as needed by phone throughout the year. Individual duties may include: voting by email several times per year, supporting webinars and Journal activities, and reviewing Case in Point submissions. Active engagement and prompt turnaround is needed from all committee members. 

Committee Chair: Scott Akers

Executive - Officers

Executive Committee - Consists of the officers of the Society. The Executive Committee the powers of the Board between meetings of the Board. 

Committee Chair: Karen Ordovas, University of California - San Francisco

Fellow Membership

Fellowship Committee - Consists of a chair and at least three additional members, all of whom are Fellow members. With the approval of the Board, the committee shall propose and publicize the criteria for Fellow memberships, review all nominations and applications for Fellow membership, present a slate of endorsed candidates for election, and set the procedure for the election of new Fellows. 

Committee Chair: Geoff Rubin, Duke University


Finance Committee - The committee oversees ACCP’s finances and investments and proposes financial policies for consideration by the Board. The committee meets five - six times per year by phone and in person at the Annual Meeting

Committee Chair: Greg Kiscka, University of Washington


International Committee -- This committee is responsible for interacting with international sister societies, promoting of international membership, coordinate with Program Committee a joint International intersociety sessions at the NASCI Annual Conference, solicit and select NASCI representatives at scientific conferences of sister societies, coordinate (with the Educational Committee) and develop international NASCI educational initiatives.

Committee Chair: Daniel Vargas, University of Colorado

Legacy & History

Legacy & History Committee - This committee provides institutional memory of the society, advises President in pivotal decisions, supports the Research and Awards Committee by serving as judges  at the Annual Meeting. Members also support the Development Committee's fundraising activities and efforts and chronicles the history of the society. 

Committee Chairs: Bob Steiner and Art Stillman

Liaison & Intersociety

Liaison & Intersociety Committee - This committee shall act as liaison with the leadership of other medical societies. It also coordinates with the Trials and Publications Committee for multi-society guideline and statement publications. It works with the Advocacy & Credentialing Committee for joint inter-society advocacy efforts. 

Committee Chairs: Joao Lima, Johns Hopkins University

Long-Range Planning



Membership Committee – The committee consisting of a chair, the Secretary, and at least three additional members. The committee shall encourage, promote, and support membership. The committee shall also hear disciplinary proceedings against members and may take disciplinary action. It meets five - six times per year by phone and in person at the Annual Meeting. The charge of the committee is to deal with member-related issues presented to it by the Board, Staff or NASCI membership and to make recommendations based on the above-noted issues. 

Committee Chair: Matthew Cham, University of Washington

NASCIent & Mentorship

NASCIent Committee - The committee strives to increase the participation in NASCI of medical students, residents & fellows, and early-career professionals who are beginning their full-time careers. This is done by developing and supporting activities to increase the awareness of and career opportunities of cardiovascular imaging, including the Mentoring Program. The ongoing initiatives include: providing educational resources and leadership opportunities, encouraging publications by students, fellows and young professionals and developing student- and young professional-specific events for the Annual Meeting. The committee meets approximately every other month by phone. 

Committee Chairs: Marly Van Assen & John Nance, Medical University of South Carolina


Nominating Committee – The committee consists of the Immediate Past President, who shall serve as chair, the President-elect, and at least three additional members, each appointed by the President for a period of one year. It develops slates of candidates for the elections of Officers, selection of the keynote speaker and Gold Medalist. The committee meets by phone on an as required basis to meet NASCI needs. 

Committee Chair: Charles White, University of Maryland


Program Committee – This committee consists of a chair, a co-chair, a vice chair, the chair of the Research and Awards Committee, and at least three additional members. This committee shall be responsible for the planning and execution of the scientific program at the annual meeting. The members of the committee shall serve for terms of three years.  It develops and oversees the program for the Annual Meeting, including selection of the educational events and decisions about other programming. This committee is seated approximately 18 months in advance of the event and meets frequently by phone, as well as in person at the Annual Meeting. Key elements of committee participation include early planning for the meeting, reviewing and scoring Call for Topic proposals and abstracts, attending regularly-scheduled conference calls and attending the Annual Meeting. Please note this committee operates on an advanced cycle and so is already seated for 2019. 

Committee Chair: Carole Dennie, University of Ottawa

Research & Awards

Research & Awards Committee – Committee consisting of a chair and at least six additional members. The committee meets in person at the Annual Meeting and frequently by phone between November and May to review nominations and determine the recommended award recipients.This committee manages, selects abstracts for written and oral presentation at the annual meeting. The committee define awards to be bestowed at the annual meeting, conducts an annual scientific poster session, selects presenters who will compete for scientific awards, and announces the award winners.  The chair shall serve on the Program Committee.  

Committee Chairs: Phillip Young and Greg Kiscka

Trials & Publications

Trials & Publications Committee – The committee supports the business of the journals, including but not limited to, activities to encourage members to publish in the IJCV and periodically the selection of Associate Editors. The committee usually meets three times per year by phone and in person at the Annual Meeting. 

Committee Chairs: Suhny Abbara, UT Southwestern Medical Center; Karen Dill, Univ. of Massachusetts