Take the CoAP exam and achieve one of the most recognized accomplishments in cardiac imaging.

This unique new exam allows you to demonstrate your advanced competencies and be recognized by payers and hospital credentialing committees.

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The CoAP exam, developed and maintained by highly respected, dedicated radiologists, is designed to assess your theoretical and practical knowledge in a completely secure, computer-based format that includes 100 multiple-choice items.

This exam is open to all 
NASCI members and physicians who meet eligibility requirements and professional experience qualifications.

Price: $495.00

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In response to NASCI’s request to the American College of Radiology (ACR), the ACR has developed a newACR Cardiac CT Certificate of Advanced Proficiency (CoAP).

Now available on-demand at over 850 testing locations worldwide.

From NASCI Leadership

"Passing the CoAP exam is an important way to demonstrate your subspecialty expertise to your patients, clinical colleagues and credentialing boards. It shows you have the specialized skills in cardiac CT that help to ensure studies will be performed and interpreted safely and with the highest quality standards. Be a leader in your field – take the CoAP!"
2015 NASCI President


"With the Certificate of Advanced Proficiency, the ACR shows its commitment to supporting our specialty. Become certified, prove your high degree of competence in cardiac CT, and do your part to demonstrate your commitment to our specialty as well."
Jacobo Kirsch,
2016 NASCI Secretary


“If you perform cardiac CT, there’s no better way to demonstrate your knowledge and competence than with the ACR CoAP.  Since it’s now available at testing centers throughout the United States, taking the test can now fit into the busiest of schedules.”
Pam Woodard, MD, FNASCI
NASCI Past President